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I have taught music in various settings since 2004, as a trumpet teacher, specialising in lead trumpet and improvisation techniques, as well as directing ensembles and large groups. 

Whilst living in London in 2010 I became interested in the pedagogy of teaching large groups of children musical instruments in a fun, cost effective and meaningful way. 


I developed a system of teaching the Ukulele to large groups which I am extremely proud to say I have put in practice to teach many thousands of children both in the UK and in Germany, as well as also teaching the pedagogy of this approach to other music teachers. 

In 2012 I was hired to present and develop Music Plus Digital - A digital solution for teaching Ukulele to whole classes, that's currently used across the UK.


In Berlin I teach at the wonderful B&B Musikschule, both trumpet and the newly formed 'Ukulele Orchester Berlin' 

To book Ukulele lessons here in Berlin click here for my schedule:

I have also formed the new enterprise Music Builds Teams - a Ukulele Team Building Solution. 

Here are some videos below of my teaching in action:

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